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Cryptologic Technician (CT) is a United States Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The CT community performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence-gathering effort, with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence related products During monthly drilling, Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive in the Navy Reserve typically work at a location close to their homes. For annual training, Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive may serve anywhere in the world, whether on a ship at sea or at bases and installations on shore

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Being a Cryptologic Technician means you're vital to the ship's intelligence gathering operation. The go-to for information that shapes the operational decision-making process. Your insight will transform raw data into an indispensable analysis of the situation. You'll also use your keen eye for detail to prepare briefings for senior officers Cryptologic Technicians perform a variety of duties worldwide, at numerous overseas and stateside shore commands, aboard surface ships, aircraft and submarines and with Naval Special Warfare. They generally divide time between assignments ashore and afloat Cryptologic Technician Technical (CTT) - CTTs serve as experts in airborne, shipborne and land-based radar signals. Their responsibilities include: Operating electronic intelligence-receiving and direction-finding systems, digital recording devices, analysis terminals, and associated computer equipmen Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive (CTIs), serve as the Navy's experts in linguistics (including Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian-Farsi, Russian and Spanish) and deciphering information in other languages. Their responsibilities include: Collecting and analyzing foreign language communications of interes The position of Navy Cryptologic Technician-Collection (CTR) is involved in dealing with classified information and the collection of intelligence that supports our nation. A candidate must complete boot camp, have the appropriate score on the ASVAB test, and have an aptitude for the field

Cryptologic Technicians (Networks) monitor, identify, collect and analyze information; provide data for digital network products, and they conduct computer network operations worldwide to support Navy and Department of Defense national and theater level missions Hello all, First of all I wanted to say thank you. I've found a lot of the advice/testimonies on this forum really helpful this past wee while as I've been weighing up my decisions. I know the CT Branch has been discussed several times, and I have talked to my local AFCO as well. I did have..

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The Navy's crucially important work of deciphering encrypted communications and monitoring electronic networks for top-secret intelligence information is the responsibility of cryptology technicians. Within that field are several specialized ratings, includin As a Cryptologic Technician (CT), you will provide communications support in a war fighting capacity. Being a CT means you're vital to the ships intelligence gathering operation. This role was previously named Communications Technician Cryptologic Technicians (Technical) perform a variety of specialized duties associated with the collection and processing of airborne, shipborne, and land-based radar signals. They operate electronic intelligence receiving and direction finding systems, digital recording devices, analysis terminals, and associated computer equipment US Navy Cryptologic Technician Bandana Face Mask Warmer Neck Tube for Dust Wind Sun Protection Face Mask. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $13.59 $ 13. 59. $6.80 shipping. JiuzFrames US Navy Cryptologic Technician License Frame tag, Cute Stainless Steel Metal Waterproof Car License Plate Holder with Bolts Washer Caps(6' x 12' in Navy Cryptologic Technician. The original rating, Communications Technician, evolved in 1948 from the ratings of Specialist (Q) (Cryptographers), Specialist (Q) (Radio Intelligence), Specialist (Q) (Technicians), and Radioman. In 1976, the rating's name was changed to the present day, Cryptologic Technician

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  1. Navy cryptologic technician technical, or CTT, sailors are trained to rapidly evaluate classified information and intelligence. The CTT career field or rating is one of the few in the Navy able to serve on ships, submarines, aircraft, ashore and with Navy special warfare units
  2. In layman's terms, a Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) is simply a linguist for the Navy. CTIs are normally trained in one of six languages: Arabic; Chinese; Korean; Persian-Farsi; Russian; Spanish; The language a CTI is assigned is dependent on Navy requirements, aptitude, and school quotas
  3. g, prior to final dispatch, industry - Another SO1 'good idea' worthy of an OBE prior to branch title reversion upon retirement, probs
  4. Navy Learning Center Recommended Degrees for CTR-Cryptologic Technician Collection. The following occupational-related degrees are recommended by the Navy Learning Center and are listed in the Navy Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR) for CTR
  5. Her Title: Cryptologic Technician. Her Occupation: Warrior. Shannon Kent, shown during her first combat deployment in 2007 to Iraq, illustrated an unspoken truth: that for many years women have.
  6. Cryptologic Technician (CT) is a United States Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The CT community performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence-gathering effort, with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence related products.. Most CT personnel are required to obtain and maintain security clearances
  7. Cryptologic Technician Networks perfom a variety of duties associated with computer network operations across global networks. A Since Navy programs and courses are revised at times, the information contained on this card is subject to change. (Revised 01/08) Cryptologic Technician

Today's Cryptologic Technician can trace their roots back to those enterprising Radiomen who taught themselves the Japanese Katakana code in the early to mid-1920s and established the first intercept station at Shanghai, China. During the summer of 1927, five Marines attended Katakana training in Shanghai China and in September 1927 were transferred to Peiping China where, unde All-Navy NOTES CTT IS 94% MANNED OVERALL & 93.3% MANNED TO FORCE STRUCTURE ***RATING IS UNDERMANNED. NO CONVERT-OUT*** CTT advancement is above the Navy average for all paygrades except E8. Convert-in opportunities exist for E5s in Year Groups 2008-2011 and E3-E4 in Year Groups 2018-2019, including PACT. No RC to AC. Contact ECM a US Navy 071201-N-5328N-586 Quarterback and Cryptologic Technician (Technical) 1st Class Jakob Chauvin runs through a gauntlet of Army defenders during the fifth annual CID Corry Station Flag Football Game at Corry Station.jpg 4,150 × 2,692; 1.36 MB the Navy's linguists. They specialize in . Enlistees are trained in the fundamentals of this rating through extensive two-phase formal Navy schools. Phase I teaches the enlistees specific foreign languages which are recognized by most Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) (CTI) NAVY

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  1. Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the Navy Cryptologic Technician job market in both Boydton, VA and the surrounding area is very active. A Navy Cryptologic Technician in your area makes on average $38,561 per year, or $2,118 (5%) less than the national average annual salary of $40,679. Virginia ranks number 11 out of 50 states.
  2. ute of every day. Play a key role in What we don't know could hurt us
  3. Cryptologic Technician - Technical roadmaps are just what the name implies - a roadmap through the Enlisted Learning and Development Continuum from Seaman Recruit through Master Chief. The principal focus is to standardize a program Navy wid
  4. Cryptologic Technician (CT) is a United States Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The CT community performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence-gathering effort, with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence related products.. Most CT personnel are required to obtain and maintain security clearances
  5. Since Navy programs and courses are revised at times, Cryptologic Technician (Collection) (CTR) NAVY. Title: Cryptologic Technicians (Technical) and Electronics Warfare Technicians perform a variety of specialized duties associated with the collection and processing of airborne, shipborne, and land-based radar signals Author
  6. Cryptologic Technician. Within Navy Cryptology, there are distinct focus areas that have their own training paths and job descriptions. Each CT role works under the oversight of Cryptologic Warfare Officers (four-year degree required) or Cyber Warfare Engineers (four-year degree required) and potentially both

Us navy. Cryptologic Technician (Current Employee) - Everett, WA - July 3, 2020. Work 24/7 they don't care about you or your family. Make you leave for almost a year at a time for only 300 extra bucks a month. Can hold you on the ship for up to 90 days and reduce tour rank and pay Enlisted Rating (job) beskrivningar och kvalificeringsfaktorer för United States Navy. Allt om Cryptologic Technician - Communications (CTO)

En US Navy Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) -betyg utför en mängd uppgifter i samband med datoroperationer över globala nätverk, enligt US Navy. Bedömningen, som trädde i kraft den 6 februari 2004, är utformad för att utveckla en kompetent arbetskraft ytterligare för att möta flotta krav i datanätverksförsvar och annan verksamhet NAVY RATINGS Navy Cryptologic Technician Retired Emblem Throw Pillow, 18x18, Multicolor. $27.00. $27. . 00. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Usually ships within 3 to 5 days Cryptologic technician (networks) (CTN) Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) Interior communications technician submarine (ITS) Navy diver (ND) Special warfare boat operator (SB) Special warfare operator (SO) NF Electricians mate, nuclear power (EMN) Electronics technician, nuclear power (ETN. The U.S. NCVA is a unique organization of active, retired, and honorably discharged U.S. Navy Cryptologists whose primary focus is the preservation of our rich cryptologic history

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  1. A high school diploma or equivalent is required to become an Enlisted Sailor in the cryptology field in the Navy. Those seeking a Cryptologic Technician position must be U.S. citizens who can meet eligibility requirements for a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance
  2. The Royal Navy - Cryptologic Technician (Data Technician Apprenticeship) The Royal Navy - Cryptologic Technician (Data Technician Apprenticeship) - Advanced (Level 3) Royal Navy (Employer) Ministry of Defence (Training Provider) Monthly wage £1,666.66. 40.0 hours per week Shifts to be confirmed
  3. Cryptologic Technician Collection (Former Employee) - Jb Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI - January 1, 2020 The Navy has overall excellent experience. I had to travel without comp without a vehicle in Hawaii by Uber costing most of my paycheck for the two weeks total
  4. Describes job duties for Navy MOS CTI Cryptologic Technician, Interpretive
  5. In June of 2008, he cross-rated from CM to cryptologic technician collection (CTR) and reported to Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC), Pensacola for CTR A School
  6. Cryptologic Technician Collections (CTR) 03/2010 to Current. Company Name - City, State. Performed acquisition, analysis, and reporting of state-of-the-art communications signals at the intermediate level. Documented and processed classified materials. Maintained 100% accountability of all assigned multi-million dollar equipment
  7. If you're looking for a CTT Cryptologic Technician Technical resume, Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon Military honor to recognize service members who have performed military duty while stationed on a United States Navy, Coast Guard, or Army vessel at sea and/or members of the Navy,.

Cryptologic Technician Technical Chief (CTTC) Christian M. Pike was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1981, thousands of miles from American shores, but he discovered at an early age he was part of a family that had a distinguished legacy of service within the United States military. His maternal grandfather had served in the Navy in World War II Salary of a Cryptologic Technician. Cryptology involves making and breaking codes and ciphers, according to the National Security Agency. The cryptologic technician occupation is specific to enlisted Navy members, who may also be involved in translating foreign languages. Other U.S. military branches have similar. WASHINGTON. On Feb. 8, the Navy announced that a chief petty officer killed in action last month will be posthumously advanced to senior chief petty officer. Chief Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive), Shannon Kent, 35, of Pine Plains, N.Y., died Jan. 16 in Manbij, Syria when she and three other Americans were killed by a suicide bomber Cryptologic Technician Third Class (E-4), U.S. Navy Appellant . No. 201900338 . Decided: 17 April 2020 . Appeal from the United States Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary . Military Judge: Ryan J. Stormer . Sentence adjudged 3 October 2019 by a special court-martial convened at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois, consisting of a military judge.

Cryptologic Technician at Navy Cryptologic Technician at Navy Posted in Other 30+ days ago. This job brought to you by America's Job Exchange. Type: Full Time Location: Amarillo, Texas. Apply Now Job Description:. Airborne Cryptologic Technician Operator/Analyst: C06A: 9102: National OPELINT Analyst: C07A: 9105: C2 Tactical Analysis Technician: C08A: 9106: Advanced Operational Electronic Intelligence (OPELINT) Non-Communications Collection and Analysis Technician: C09A: 9114: Cryptologic Fleet Operator: C11A: 9117: Assistant Cryptologic Resource. 78 United States Navy Cryptologic Technician Salaries. United States Navy Cryptologic Technicians earn $47,000 annually, or $23 per hour, which is 2% lower than the national average for all Cryptologic Technicians at $48,000 annually and 34% lower than the national salary average for all working Americans. The highest paid Cryptologic.

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  1. Cryptologic technician interpretive: VE+MK+GS=162 and DLAB = 100: CTI/ATF: Cryptologic technician-interpretive: VE+MK+GS=162 and DLAB CAT 4 = 110 CAT 3 = 105 CAT 1 = 100: CTM: Cryptologic.
  2. The Navy Data Processing Technician (DP) rating merged into the Radioman rating in 1997. The Radioman rating's name was changed to Information Systems Technician in November 1999. On March 1, 2006, the Cryptologic Technician (Communications) CTO rating merged into the IT rating. The Navy's computerized personnel system associates the rating.
  3. Communication Technician M 3 & 2 Cryptologic Technician M 3 & 2 Table of Contents. Back to main Manuals Page; Back to main Navy Radio Page; Please send e-mail if you have any additional info, corrections, etc.; Note - equipment is listed when the manual contains significant information (block diagrams, schematics, principles of operation, etc.) - there may also be descriptions of other.
  4. Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) Shannon Kent Died January 16, Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician Shannon Kent and DoD civilian Scott Wirtz died Wednesday in Manbij, Syria, as a result of wounds sustained from a suicide improvised explosive device
  5. Cryptologic Technician Mar 2013 - Present United States Navy Augusta, GA While deployed 210 days in the Fifth Fleet Area of Operation, analyzed and distributed data to international decision makers, resulting in collaboration and execution of war-fighting efforts. Created and distributed over 200 products to worldwide intelligence customers. Directly responsible for 18 Sailors as Work Cente

Talk:Cryptologic technician. Jump to navigation Jump to search. WikiProject Military history (Rated Start-Class) This article is within the scope I had a couple guys in my class(not Navy but Army and Air Force equivalent CTR) that got orders to go to Morse school Chief Cryptologic Technician (IDW/SW) Christian Michael Pike 31, of Peoria,Ariz., was injured March 10 while conducting stability operations in Maiwand District, Afghanistan. He was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Support Activity Nov 15, 2019. #2. Evening, You'll find it a little difficult for anyone to discuss this particular role on an open forum. There are/were a loose handful of CT's on here in years passed, one of them might be along if you are lucky. However, in the meantime, if you do a forum search you will discover a little about CT's; Caveat: some of which may. 27 navy cryptologic technician jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New navy cryptologic technician careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. The low-stress way to find your next navy cryptologic technician job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 27 navy cryptologic technician careers waiting for you to apply

Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) 1st Class Alejandro Gonzalez, the first fully-qualified instructor among new Navy staff and Instructor of the Quarter nominee, has now taught four Arabic ACLA. Cryptologic Technician, Technical May 2008 - Dec 2011 US NAVY Fort Gordon, GA. Operation, maintenance of electronic sensors and computer systems. Control access to restricted areas. Destroy, Safeguard and storage of classified materials. Collect, evaluate and disseminate reports of electronic intelligence. Management and implementation of.

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  1. Apply for a US Navy Cryptologic Technician job in Austin, TX. Apply online instantly. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Austin, TX on Snagajob. Posting id: 626790339
  2. -DRIVEN TECHNICIAN. Expertly managed 3,217 network devices and 3,857 domain users providing 24/7 network defense. Conducted in-depth analysis on seven enclaves, applied 27 Assurance Compliance Assessment Solutions updates, executed 2,241 vulnerability scans and resolved 5.5 million cyber incidents which enhanced defensive actions to counter cyber threats
  3. Lär dig om de anslagna betygsbeskrivningarna och kvalificeringsfaktorerna för US Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI)
  4. cryptologic technician networking petty officer bullock's superior professional ability, loyal devotion to duty, and exceptional performance reflected credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the united states naval service
  5. us navy Cryptological Technician (CT) rating badge. The rating of Cryptologic Technician (CT) came about as a recognition of changing technologies and subsequent modifications in rating duties. In 1948, the Communications Technician (CT) rating was established from several Specialist ratings: Cryptographers, Radio Intelligence, Technicians, and Radioman
  6. This rating reflects the overall rating of US Navy and is not affected by filters. This category could use your help. We're a little short on data, but you can help. Take 30 seconds to share your demographic info so we can provide more data like this in the future.
  7. The typical US Navy Cryptologic Technician Technical salary is $40,565. Cryptologic Technician Technical salaries at US Navy can range from $22,241 - $88,482. This estimate is based upon 72 US Navy Cryptologic Technician Technical salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods

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Cryptologic Heritage. Cryptologic Heritage FAQs; Center for Cryptologic History. Pre 1952 Timeline; Pearl Harbor Review; Voices from the Past; About the NSA/CSS Insignia; Historical Figures & Publications. African Americans; Cryptologic Hall of Honor; NSA 60th Anniversary; Publications; Women; National Cryptologic Memorial; National Cryptologic. From Cryptologic Technician Maintenance 1st Class Seth T. Vickery, Information Warfare Training Command Corry Station Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station began a major revision and modernization of the Afloat Cryptologic Management (ACM) Course to align with the demands of the fleet and improve afloat cryptology On 26 March 1976, the Chief of Naval Personnel issued BUPERS Notice 1220 announcing a change in the title for Communications Technician to Cryptologic Technician. The change was designed to bring the designation of the CT into consonance with the Warrant Officer (744X), Restricted Line (161X), and Limited Duty Officer (644X) communities which were all identified as Cryptology Making custom belt buckles is one of our specialties. Our buckles are made using a die-cast zinc process which is much harder and longer lasting than pewter. Our buckles accommodate belts up to a 2.00-inch wide size. If your interested in getting a more OS Custom belt buckle for your Division, Command, or Mess we've streamlined the process.

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Cryptologic Technician Resume. Summary : 7 years of experience leading and supporting teams that provided worldwide customer service. Previously qualified to train and mentor other joint service military personnel. Skills : Computer Programing, Upholstery. Download Resume PDF Build Free Resume A Navy cryptologic technician technical (CTT) is an expert in electronic warfare and electronic intelligence, according to the U.S. Navy.There's not much demand in the civilian world for waging electronic warfare, but the tech skills you master as a CTT can translate into a number of civilian gigs Common Tier 1 System. Cordless Telephone 2. Crazy Taxi 2. Cryptologic Technician Second Class (Naval rating) Center for Technology Transfer and Pollution Prevention (Purdue University) Common Tier Three. Channelized T3 Interface Processor (Cisco) Cellular Uptake of T4. Creative Tools for Critical Times

United States Navy E-4/5/6 Cryptologic Technician Rating Badge. Criteria: Worn by Cryptologic Technicians (ET) with ranks from Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4) to Petty Officer 1st Class (E-6). Cryptologic Technicians are typically responsible for the flow of messages and information within the USN. They also conduct Electronic Warfare Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician Shannon Kent has been identified as one of the US service members killed in a suicide bombing attack in Syria Wednesday, the Department of Defense said Friday. Cryptologic Technician Interpretive: CTI: CTI's are the Navy's linguists. They specialize in analysis of foreign naval developments, radio-telephone communications and preparation of statistical studies and technical reports requiring the knowledge of a foreign language

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31 cryptologic technician technical jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New cryptologic technician technical careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. The low-stress way to find your next cryptologic technician technical job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 31 cryptologic technician technical careers waiting for you to apply Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC). Numerical codes appended to a rating are heavily used in the modern Navy to indicate specialized qualifications. CTO Cryptologic Technician Communications (1976-2006) (to IT) CTR Communications Technician Collection (1948-1976 Cryptologic Technician 3rd Class (Maintenance) Matthew J. O'Bryant, 22, of Duluth, Ga., was killed at the Marriott Hotel, according to the Defense Department. O'Bryant was assigned to Navy Information Operations Command Maryland at Fort Meade PENSACOLA, Fla. -- As the Navy grows, new ratings are formed, whether it comes from a need of merging ratings with similar responsibilities, or a rating that needs a new specific job focus. In the case of the cryptologic technician (networks) (CTN) rating, the latter of the two reasons is why the rating was created 16 years ago, Feb. 6, 2004

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Cryptologic Technician at US NAVY WI . About the Job. About. Enlisted Sailors in the Navy Cryptology community analyze encrypted electronic communications, jam enemy radar signals, decipher information in foreign languages and maintain state-of-the-art equipment and networks used to generate top secret intel Cryptologic Technician The Navy's Cryptologic Technicians monitor the flow of critical information, enabling America's warfighters to successfully engage and defeat the enemy. Exhibiting unsurpassed technical skill, they install, configure, and secure the Navy's state of the art information systems, repair electronic testing equipment, operate sophisticated reconnaissance technology, and. Cryptologic Technician Collection 1st Class James R. Lee Jr. (right) was selected as the 2013 MPT&E SOY at a luncheon ceremony held in the Port O Call Banquet and Conference Center on Naval Station Great Lakes, Feb. 28. following a week of tours and visits to A Schools at Training Support Center (TSC) on the Naval station, a tour of the Navy's only boot camp, Recrui She cross-rated to Cryptologic Technical Technician (CTT) and attended Class A in Pensacola, Florida. Her duty stations as a CTT were Electronic Warfare Operations Facility-Pacific at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii and Fleet Information Warfare Center, San Diego, CA. She joined the Navy Reserves in 2001 Navy cryptologic technician veterans have experience using and maintaining vital communication systems on a daily basis. Their expertise in languages, maintenance and repair, as well as set up and.

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US Navy. May 2015 - Nov 20183 years 7 months. Suffolk, Virginia, United States. Afloat and Ashore Unit Level Training LCPO. Executed the following programs: - Cryptologic Stimulator Exercise (CSE) - STALLION program development. - Unit Level Training and Readiness Assessment (ULTRA-C/S) - Stakeholder in Fleet Requirements There are part-time opportunities available as a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive. Serving part-time as a Navy Reserve Sailor, your duties will be carried out during your scheduled drilling and training periods. During monthly drilling, Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive in the Navy Reserve typically work at a location close to their homes

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Cryptologic Technician at Royal Navy Portsmouth, United Kingdom 3 connections. Join to Connect Royal Navy. Report this profile Activity I have completed Introduction to MySQL from https://lnkd.in/euWNQXx You can also learn from anywhere and anytime without difficulties. Happy Shared by Stephanie Corbett. Experience. As part of your naval studies as a Marine Technician, you will have the opportunity to attain unit standards that contribute towards a National Certificate (Level 4) in either Mechanical Engineering (Maintenance Engineering) for Propulsion Specialists or Mechanical Engineering (Electrical Engineering) and registration through the Electrical Workers Registration Board for Electrical Specialists The rating badge — a combination of rate (pay grade) and rating (specialty) is worn on the left upper sleeve of all uniforms in grades E-4 through E-6. E-1 through E-3 have color coded group rate marks based upon their occupational field. Group rate marks for E-2 and E-3 are worn on dress uniforms only. Personnel in pay grade E-1 do not wear.

United States Navy Cryptology Technician Collar Device. Criteria: Cryptologic Technician (CT) is a United States Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The CT community performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence effort, with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence related products United States Navy ratings are general enlisted occupations that consist of specific skills and abilities. Each naval rating has its own specialty badge, which is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform by each enlisted person in that particular field. Working uniforms, such as camouflage Battle Dress Uniforms, utilities, coveralls, and Naval Working Uniform, bear generic rate designators that. Cryptologic Technician Maintenance (CTM) Third Class Petty Officer Matthew J. O'Bryant, 22, of Duluth, Ga., left this earth on September 20 in the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. Matthew was a valued member of the Navy Information Operations Command Maryland, Fort Meade, Md A New Era of Warfare. Feb. 6, 2004 -The Navy established the Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) rating to meet fleet requirements in computer network operations. Sept. 15, 2005 - The Navy renamed cryptologic officers information warfare officers to reflect the expanded competencies of information operations and cyber warfare

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